Fruity Pebbles Fried Icecream


My June Icecream Treat pick is Fried Icecream. With the summer heat picking up, no better way to cool off than with icecream treats. Fruity Pebbles Fried Icecream Treats were so easy to make and by far one of my favorites!


Fruity Pebbles


Butter/ Oil

Whipped Cream


1. Scoop the icecream into large scoops. Place the scoops into a container. Let them freeze for atleast an hour.

2. Crush up the Fruity Pebbles and add a little melted butter to the Fruity Pebbles. Stir.

3. Roll the frozen icecream scoops in the Fruity Pebbles bowl. Make sure the entire scoop is covered with Fruity Pebbles.

4. When ready to serve, place the Fruity Pebbles Icecream Scoops in a frying pan of butter and oil for about 8-10 seconds.

5. Add Whipped cream, sprinkle a few excess Fruity Pebble flakes on top, & ENJOY!