Styling the Balee Rings

Introducing the Balee Rings. The Balee Rings are my back-to-school top pick. Wear One. Stack Three. Twist and create a Midi. So many options. So many ways to style. Here are a few of my favorite ways to wear the rings this season.

Mix Metals: One is silver the other is gold. But this season do not be afraid to wear both!

Twist & Shape: Shape the rings to your finger. The Balee Ring is bendable so form it to your finger or twist it and wear it as a midi.

Below: Pairing black & gold is the perfect night on the town look. (Hand on the left shows the ring worn normally and the hand on the right shows the same ring twisted as a midi)

Balee Ring Crystal $21 (Gold Metal, Silver Metal, Rose Gold Metal)

Balee Ring Powder Blue: $21 (Gold Metal, Silver Metal)

Balee Ring Black: $21 (Gold Metal, Silver Metal)

Stack 'Em: Stack three Balee rings to give the appearance of one statement ring. (this is my favorite look!)

Heavy Metal: Pile them on. Pair with Emme Bracelet and Ali Bangles for trendy glam.

Go for the Gold: Choose gold metal for a dainty look.

Black Magic: Create a bit of drama this fall by layering jet black accessories.

Below: Close up photo of the rings twisted as a midi.


Model: Stephanie Kamenicky

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