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Alyssa Bove here: the designer for TrendingAbove.

Fall brings crisp air, boots, transitional layers and pumpkin spice.

And whatever the season, one thing is certain: I am always styling a pair of earrings to accessorize.

Always. Always. Always.

Let me walk you through some fashion choices and earring styles for the autumn season.

1. Give your floral prints an edge with combat boots to move into the new season. The EDIE EARRINGS add a finishing touch to this contemporary look.

2. Take your summer skort or shorts to a new level by pairing with boots for the colder months. I accessorized with the SMALL SPARKLE HOOPS for a dainty vibe.

3.Try a two toned fashion statement but keep the jewelry monochromatic. I accented the outfits with an all gold jewelry line to complete each look.

4. Highlight higher necklines with a bold pair of statement earrings. The JASMINE EARRINGS accentuate this fall fashion choice.

5. It wouldn’t be fall without this quintessential look: sweater and thigh high boots. An everyday stud, the TRIANGLE EARRINGS, complement this popular style option.

6. Sporty looks still need jewelry. I paired this look with the HAMMER EARRINGS for an informal statement of choice.

7. This relaxed ensemble dresses with the LONDON EARRINGS to underline your style craze.

8. A hoop earring spotlights any fashion choice. The LARGE SPARKLE HOOPS enhance this leather dress for a glam look.

9. Coordinate your earrings with necklace layering. These LONDON EARRINGS accent my necklaces with the traditional blazer for a sophisticated look.

My top three earring styles for the new season:

1. Everyday stud: like the TRIANGLE or LONDON EARRINGS to give you versatility for your fashion choice.

2. Statement earring: like the JASMINE EARRINGS, EDIE EARRINGS or HARLEY EARRINGS to go bold with your accent to heighten your style.

3. A Hoop earring: like the SMALL SPARKLE HOOPS or LARGE SPARKLE HOOPS to highlight your vogue for the season.


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