Behind the Scenes

Behind the Founder: Alyssa Bove

“By combining my background in architectural design with my passion for jewelry and fashion, I started to create pieces which soon transitioned my hobby to a business,” says founder Alyssa Bove.

After countless friends asked her to make custom jewelry based on her own DIY designs, lead designer Alyssa BOVE founded the company in August 2014 to create pieces for her friends and eventually gained a loyal following through her Instagram & personal blog. Alyssa has worked in the fashion industry for eleven years now. Styling has always been a passion for her, and she loves a challenge on how many ways to fashion a piece. Her personal style includes layering and mixing combinations and she always sports denim for her vogue.

Behind the Brand TrendingAbove:

TrendingAbove began selling jewelry on Etsy in 2015.  We then transitioned to our own website  TRENDINGABOVE.COM in 2016.  We are now based in Chicago, Illinois.  You can not only find TrendingAbove products online, but also in various boutiques and special pop-up shops. TrendingAbove started with a few necklace styles in 2015, but we have expanded our line to include bracelets, earrings, rings and hair accessories. TrendingAbove is a buildable jewelry collection based on the versatility of the collection.

The TrendingAbove woman is always on the go, from work to dinner to the dance floor. Her style needs to be able to transition as quickly as she does.

Behind the Process:

Designer, A.Bove pulls inspiration from Watercolors, Instagram, Travel, Magazines and fashion Trends.

The next step is to bring her visions to create illustrations and watercolor designs. She then sources components or gemstones to bring the design to life.

It usually takes a few rounds of product adjustments and sizing. A.Bove will then wear the new designs for a few weeks to test out the products.

Behind the Design:

A big challenge in today’s world of accessories is finding pieces that are both stylish and versatile. TrendingAbove understands that you need products that are as adaptable as you are.

Our pieces have a variety of combinations, keeping your collection versatile and meeting both your personal style and budget.

TrendingAbove is all about staying trending by Layering, Stacking and Mixing metals. It allows the customer to complement their personal mode with many choices.

Behind the Trends:

When it comes down to it, TrendingAbove allows women to seamlessly style pieces for multiple occasions that fit for a progressive lifestyle of the modern woman.

TrendingAbove ranges from everyday minimal components to statement party pieces to bridal jewelry. The signature pieces have a hint of sparkle in them, because sometimes you are meant to shine. TrendingAbove thinks layering and mixing metals will always be trending in the fashion industry.

Let’s stay trending.

Video Content: Paige Powell, Sam Powell

Photography: Emily Davis Studio



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