6 Necklace Layering Combos

This season’s take on necklaces: the more versatile the necklace- the better. These necklace layering combo inspirations are sure to help you make a statement this season. Find creative ways to mix and match and layer your necklaces; you cannot go wrong!

1. Alternate Metals:

Style Tip: When alternating metals go for a graduated effect, from shorter to longer elements.

Formula: Single Dot Necklace + Compass Necklace + Lariat Necklace

2. Pair with Gingham:

What’s more on trend than gingham this season? – Pair with delicate layers to add an extra trendy element without overpowering the print.

Formula: Single Dot Necklace+ Compass Necklace+ Star Lariat

3. Turn a Neutral into a Statement

A neutral top for a night out will pop with Star Lariat Necklace.

P.S. Try the Single Dot necklace OVER the collar for a sassy touch.

Formula: Single Dot Necklace + Star Lariat

4. Elevate It

Elevate that basic gray tee with silver metal,floral skirt and moto jacket. Add a coordinating bracelet stack!

Formula: Triangle Necklace + Bar Lariat

5. Double Trouble

Try doubling up on your favorite necklace, in both colors! The Single Dot Necklace is your go- to piece this season. Two necklaces are really better than one. And to complete the look- add another necklace to anchor the combo.

Formula: Gold Single Dot Necklace + Silver Single Dot Necklace + Compass Necklace

6. Creative Chaos:

Throw on several necklaces- but maintain the same color scheme. No Rhyme- no reason. The result: eye striking statement.

Formula: Triangle Necklace+ Bar Lariat + Hammer Lariat


Photography: Alexandra Lee Photography & Ashley Dahl Photography



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