Wedding Season

The holiday season also brought a new engagement season. Whether it is YOUR upcoming big day or you are planning to attend a wedding in 2019, we have some fashion tips to help you accentuate your wardrobe.

From the bride to the bridal party to the guests, here are a few inspirational styles to enhance your ensemble for the wedding.


There are so many ways to accessorize for your big day.

Be considerate of the neckline of the dress.

Photos Above: The bride styles the TrendingAbove Nora Studs and a custom Necklace. (Lovebirds Photo)

Option: Be sophisticated and formal for the ceremony. Then, swap out your accessories and try a fun or extra glam piece for the reception.

Photo Above: TrendingAbove Krissi Earrings (Holly Lynn Photography)

We love a statement set of earrings to draw attention upwards towards your gleaming smile.

Photo Above: The bride styles the TrendingAbove Baby Cluster Earrings (Making the Moment Photography.)

Lastly, always stay true to your personal style: it is your big day to shine.


When deciding for the bridal party you want the metal choice to complement the wedding color scheme. Here are a few options to style your bridal party:

Try cohesive metal but differentiating designs based on the individual bridesmaid’s dress.For example, choose earrings or bracelet for a high neckline, or a delicate necklace for a strapless dress.

Same piece of jewelry for every bridesmaid.

Above: Bridesmaids wearing TrendingAbove Staci Bangle. (Jess Vogelsang Photography)

Allow the Maid of Honor to have a slightly different style within the same aesthetic.

Above: The Maid of Honor styles the TrendingAbove Sara Earrings and the bridesmaids shine in the TrendingAbove Nora Studs.

(Holly Lynn Photography)

Consider gifting to your bridal party the jewelry accents as a thank you gift for their help and support for your big day. They will also be able to wear the gift again as a great fashion choice with their own wardrobe.

Photo Above: Bridesmaids wearing TrendingAbove Spike Earrings (D Personett Photography)


When attending a wedding, invest in accessories that you can mix, match and wear for multiple weddings. Attire tip: Opt for a classic shade or floral dress.

Style Notes: Bring out the sparkly accessories and combine with ladylike styling. Weddings provide the perfect excuse to play dress up and go glam. And for warmer weather weddings, we love an all gold accent vibe.

Photo Above: TrendingAbove Staci Bangles & Madden Bangle ( Alexandra Lee Photography




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