TrendingAbove is a fashion jewelry brand that delivers on trend designs. It focuses on combining glitz and glam with an edge.  After countless friends asked her to make custom jewelry based on her own DIY designs, lead designer Alyssa BOVE founded the company in August 2014 to create pieces for her friends and eventually gained a loyal following through her Instagram & personal blog. Styling an entire outfit from clothing to accessories has always been a passion for Alyssa. TrendingAbove is currently based in Chicago, Illinois. TrendingAbove pieces are sold through trendingabove.com, select boutiques and at various Pop Up events across the U.S. 


Owner and Designer


 Alyssa is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Miami of Ohio University with a major in Architecture and a minor in Studio Art.  As a young child, Alyssa displayed glam and glitter (including childhood pajamas) to all her attire.  She loved to create and demonstrate her own unique style that captured the attention of all her peers. During her studies, her passion led her to apply the concepts of architectural design to jewelry and fashion.  She wanted to give individuals an edge to their style and appearance.

        She founded TRENDINGABOVE while in school after blogging DIY projects and handmade jewelry. Her tenaciousness and perseverance led her to pursue TRENDINGABOVE as her full-time career upon graduation. She is inspired by travel, artwork and even her favorite desserts. She loves to add a hint of glam with a twist of edge to all her outfits.  As Alyssa resides in Chicago, her signature look includes layering necklaces at contrasting lengths, mixing metals, and rocking a pair of bold earrings. 



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